Yin Yang Sphere: Based on mechanical and magnetic force.

Product no. 1


          Yin Yang Sphere                                       Yin Yang Sphere - Box                                        Yin Yang Sphere


                                            Roll and play until you balance half part black and half part white            



       Propeller Solution                                               B&W Ball                                                Half Moon Solution



                                                                Yin Yang YouTube Video





Dual solution

Two in one. Rotate to get the right combination or just put the pieces together. Brain training and logical test.



                                                                       Inside of the Yin Yang Sphere




                                                                              Black & white solutions


                                       Icosahedron Ball

Product no. 2

                            The Icosahedron Ball is the latest product from the Beglerovic company.
                            The Icosahedron ball is innovative, stimulating and challenging, it`s uniqueness
                            comes from the product being made out of one component only and while the
                            earlier product from our company Yin Yan Sphere supports natures dualism, 
                            the Icosahedron Ball supports ''String Theory''.